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Monthly Archives: January 2012

Fits Right In

I love these cell phone towers that look like trees but really are a giant eye sore.

Iron Chefs

Polaris Bites duo Sari y Pol practicing for their Iron Chef debut. They are wonderful. If you need healthy amazing catering/craft service in NYC are, hit them up.

Rocks And Such

We went on a hike back into the woods to see this rock quarry.

Sasha You Go Girl

Sasha’s page. She did this new ‘trick’ where she runs super fast and then flips over and slides on her back. This is the only picture I was able to get of her doing this. She’s looking at me with this “check me out guy” kinda look. She loved it up there.


Work In Progress… Such a nice home (in a couple years).

Christmas Upstate NY

Sari’s aunt and uncle have a house Upstate NY in Arkville (Fleishmanns, NY) that we all went to for Christmas. Amazing property, with a pond, with acreage, a rock quarry, far from NYC. Sari, Pol, Sasha, Jess and I borrowed Brook’s truck and headed north into the Catskills. Here are some of the pictures from […]

Denim Steez

We had a holiday party that apparently turned into denim party. We had four Full Denims and one 1/2 Denim. Matt, Stefan, Phoebe (1/2 denim), Chris. We were 80s revival. Happy Holidays, kinda late. Happy New Year!!