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Monthly Archives: May 2009

Tally Ho

Joanna’s set of wheels.  Blue Velvet has a lady companion now.  Needs a little work but I can take care of that this summer.  New set of tires/wheels, a tune up, etc.  Soon she’ll be back on the road. This guy at a BBQ the other night in Chinatown was leaning so hard.  Lester on […]

Pow Wow Honcho

Am I turning into a cat person?  Taking photos of my cat seems weird, so I’ll stop. My apartment is still almost as bare as when I moved in 3 months ago.  Lame. This bastard honked his horn for 15 minutes, not kidding.  Someone was in his driveway so he thought that honking his horn […]

We Got A Lil’ Jumper

The Standard NYC.  The Ace Hotel NYC wasn’t ready so they put my folks up in this hotel instead.  Not bad as a replacement, but it’s no Ace.  Ace just feels a little bit more comfy, less pretentious…

Dry T-Shirt Contest

Mother’s Day 2009, which I’m glad Mom and Steve are here… we drove upstate a bit to find the museum that holds a lot of the artifacts from Woodstock.  40 years ago is when the festival apparently was.  Well, we kinda got sidetracked when my mom saw this damn shopping outlet.  Then we were all […]

Ready Raw

Homeboy who’s a dancer forgot his shorts.  Shirt, check.  Socks, check.  Shoes, check.  Shorts, Nope. Some fake Elvis guy on Canal St. Joanna and I battled my Mom and Steve in a NYC scavanger hunt.  20 items, 2 hours.  They freakin beat us on our own turf.  Had a fun time but we covered the […]

Auto Tight

Car parked jacked steez. Rained cats and dogs, which means a lot right?  Yeah, rained a lot. Amy’s Hero, Leonard Nimoy in the “meat district” as our cabbie called it. Pictures from this weekend.  More later. Yep, you guessed it.

I Hope It Was Good

Hey Ant-any, why dont you just trow me one of dem vitamin watas real quick… Dis dat and de udda. Some gnarly construction guy walking around sans shirt, but he had on overalls.  Nice move guy. Justin and Stoe on Mike’s roof. Weird Sky from Mike’s roof. PJs from Mike’s roof. New “green” “organic” “free […]

Chez Bruce

Charlie is soooooo mad right now.  Or just excited, I can’t tell. Mike’s 30th BDay BBQ.  Happy Birthday big guy.