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Monthly Archives: April 2009

Been There Done That

Wash up.

Breaks Of Spring

For the youngsters… These high school kids stayed at the hotel while I was there.  I went out to the pool at like 6am or so and this was the remnants of their night by the pool.  Instantly made me smile but also wanted to vomit.

Rugged But Not Rough

Went to Palm Springs again.  Go to the Ace Hotel.  Best hotel I’ve been to ever.  Ever. CLICK CLICK

Gruff Baritone

Jon Lippert had another BBQ.  Couldn’t have asked for a better/nicer day. RAD RAD RAD. ‘


Me as Boney Tony and Liz drinking beers through my spine.

Send Me More Friends Please

Andre was giving Taea drunk haircuts outside of Legion in Brooklyn. Basically sketchy street cuts… Hair looked good though as Andre does good stuff. Past couple weeks ain’t good.  Next couple weeks will be good.  Stayin busy, that helps. Got Hurt Again.