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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Are You There Jah? It’s Me, Jigsaw Flow

Are you there Jah? It’s me Ras-Trent… New Year’s Eve 2008 at Becca and Cedric’s apt in Greenpointski, Brooklyn.  January 01, 2009 was a beautiful day for a walk, or for getting ice cream or frozen yogurt considering it was like 11 degrees or something horrific.  Oh well, it’s nice to see Ras-Trent at McCarren […]

Floor-Uh-Da For Christmas

Spent my time for Christmas in Florida.  Met Joanna’s family – super awesome people.  Joe, Joni, Sydney, Joe, Mark and Danielle.  Joe and Joe took me birdwatching on Merritt Island, which is on the Kennedy Space Center’s property I guess.  It was a massive piece of land with swamp, marsh – filled with all types […]

You’re A Bitter Stranger

White Trash Disguised as Holiday Celebration Birdwatching while driving. Matt organized a new tradition for the family… The Annual Uncle Mark Bocce Classic. Winner shown below… Sammy Johnson protecting baby Luke. Or you could call it napping coincidentally near Luke. David came over and joined us for the Kubb.  Dave is GOOD! The winners of […]

Boogs Got Hitched !!!!!!!!!!!!

Look how handsome this dude is.  My brother, you’re awesome. Joanna, Mom, Krista and Steve were wayyy late… woops… (Bad Directions) Mom looked pretty but our family dressed more as if we were going to a funeral, but instead we were attending the wedding of my brother. ahhhhhhh, “cute” as Matt would say… establish the […]