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Monthly Archives: September 2006

14 September 2006

i’m totally lost. i’ve totally been abandoned like 10 times in my life. enjoy.

12 September 2006

times are tough. it’s gonna be okay. i can’t believe this is happening to me the last six places that i’ve lived in – brooklyn, ny el toro, caparis, france long beach, ca santa barbara, ca san francisco, ca i don’t love you, but i don’t hate you either.

08 September 2006

sweet-ups. i’m totally ready for another funeral. my neighborhood.

07 September 2006

the top photo – molly and i at dave’s wedding.the next photo – the dudes (nate, me, matt, rhett, some guy.) i hate when dudes have to show their beers or drinks orwhatever in photos. i’m doing it too… thanks for getting married dave and tanya. no one gives a shit. especially in nyc. if […]

01 September 2006

freedom fries… remember that shit? why can our country be so fucking idiotic sometimes? the G.O.P. = giant ass face clowns.