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Payday Loans

18 December 2006

some white couch in some studio in manhattan.

colleen’s old pink room in brooklyn.

a very cold spring day in brooklyn.

vancouver, canada. such an amazing city. god bless canada.

this is the night that “we” busted my brand new $4000 camera. rad.

my brother chris and jin in santa cruz.

detroit has an insane airport. seriously, it’s kinda amazing.

chris telling me to fuck off … at the google compound in mountain view.

vancouver! i kinda want to move there for a little bit.
canada yes! and i’m fully american.

the bathroom that was installed right across from my old office.
hammers. drills. power saws. chain saws. jackhammers. all that shit…

So I just got a new computer. Yay! No one cares but me.
But that’s like everything else in life. Anyways, Here are a
bunch of images of mine. Some new, some old. Whatever.

Lots and lots of images to make up for missing two months.

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