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Payday Loans

15 April 2008

amy staupe came to visit me. her and matt, both in the sun.

krista arm wrestling her dad, my stepdad, at my brother matt’s house.

dave appel also came down to visit us. he then drove krista back to laguna beach.

haylee calls the measuring tape, “#1”

boogs and haylee

chris jumping the aliso creek, aka el toro river.

matt asked us to help him clean up part of the aliso creek, so we did.

this kid works at target…so awesome. i like that target allows this, seriously.

chelsea and chris being sad.

happy haylee

haylee was sad for a minute.

somewhere above utah.

i went to california for matt/sarah’s baby. so far, he hasn’t popped out yet.
but hopefully he’ll be born before i have to go back to ny. anyways, i’m still
having a good time out here with mom, steve, matt, sarah, haylee, chelsea,
brother chris, stepsister krista, johnson, sammy, dave appel and amy staupe.

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