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Payday Loans

05 February 2007

alice, heather, and nikki. we went and saw telepathe, growing,
and some other bands in some junkyard in brooklyn. july 2006.

chris getting gnarly on my bike. brooklyn, nyc. july 2006.

chris and jarrett, again in brooklyn. at that same
junkyard in the back of some pickup truck. july 2006.

we all rode to siren music festival at coney island over the summer. this was
we left and alex had just woke up. gay much? brooklyn, nyc. july 15, 2006.

kirk and i messed around with my pinhole back in the
day. actually summer of 1999. santa barbara, ca.

same thing as the images above…

some old polaroids. some from summer 2007, some from summer 1999.

for gmail nerds.

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